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All of my soaps are made with 50% Olive Oil. Olive oil has been used in soaps for centuries and is well known for its nourishing qualities. It is mild enough for almost all skin types.

I also use coconut oil in my soaps. Coconut oil helps to harden a soap and gives it plenty of bubbly lather. Note: Sailors of old used to make their soaps with all coconut oil, because it would lather even in sea water!

At this point, I start to play around a little with different oils. I like to use Grapeseed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil. Each of these oils add its own property to the soap. Grapeseed Oil is rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid quite important for the skin and the cell membranes. Sweet Almond Oil is conditioning, and helps to create a stable lather. Rice Bran Oil is similar to Olive Oil in its properties - mild and conditioning, and adds a special shine to the soap.

Then I get into what I consider the luxury oils. These are what makes a soap special! One of my favorite luxury oils is Wheat Germ Oil. Wheat Germ Oil is so good to "mature" skin. It's very rich in vitamin E making it a natural antioxidant. It nourishes dry and cracked skin, and helps to sooth such skin problems as eczema and psoriasis. Another favorite is Cocoa Butter. Cocoa Butter makes a wonderfully hard bar of soap, and is so soothing to the skin! I also use Avocado Oil a lot, because it is so mild and conditioning.

For scenting my soaps, I use both Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils. Essential Oils are natural oils extracted from plants, whereas Fragrance Oils have synthetic components. All my Fragrance Oils are phthalate free, high quality, and skin safe.

One of my favorite additives is goat milk. Goat milk contains many skin aiding vitamins and proteins. It helps to create a nice creamy moisturizing bar of soap. Other additives include natural clays, which I use for coloring. Honey and oatmeal. And sometimes I just have fun and add things like beer, cocoa, coffee, agave nector, and even pumpkin!